Watch As Pelican Flies Into A Drone Midair

This Pelican Peli-can’t Believe What Just Happened

If you haven’t bought a drone yet (link to 10 reasons why to buy a drone story), you’re missing out on great action shots, like this pelican who flew into a guy’s shot and got wrecked.

In the clip, which was filmed on Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica on March 30, the sea bird glides across the frame and then hits the radio-controlled device head-on.

Pelican Flies Into A Drone Midair (1)

The drone plummets towards the sand but SOMEHOW the pilot manages to regain control and even appears to catch a glimpse of the bird flying off to the ocean.

I mean, if that ain’t skills.

“It seems as if it flew towards the drone and attacked it,” the filmer wrote online. “After it made contact with the drone it fell to the ground and I was lucky to get it back.”

Lucky indeed.