Retired NBA Star Charles Oakley Arrested in Bizarre Arena Altercation

Angry Oakley

This biggest story of the Wednesday nights Clippers vs. Knicks game is that Charles Oakley, known for his skills as an NBA enforcer seems to be just as tough as ever. After security approached Oakley over some inappropriate behavior towards other fans, thing quickly became physical. Oakley pushed several security personal and was eventually forcefully removed from the arena. For a man in his mid fifties he gave the six burly security guards on hell of a time. ABC 7 News reported Oakley had been charged with three counts of assault, per the New York Police Department as well as criminal trespassing charge.

There have been rumors circulating that the Knicks might make a push to add Oakley to their starting line up after this impressive performance. All jokes aside, it seems that Oakley has serious anger towards his old team considering this is not the first time Oakley has been involved in such an incident. Oakley was involved in a similar confrontation outside the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room after their NBA Finals victory over the Golden State Warriors in June.

This Thursday, the Knicks released two statements regarding the incident.