WWE in the White House

WWE Star Vince McMahon Reunited WrestleMania For President Donald Trump

Trump and Vince McMahon at the White House

The Senate has officially confirmed former WWE CEO Linda McMahon as head of the federal Small Business Administration per Donald Trump’s action. McMahan has donated millions of dollars to the Trump campaign, and Trump has rewarded her with a place in his cabinet.

Linda McMahon, wife of WWE honcho Vince McMahan was accompanied by her family in the White House earlier this week. Everyone is amused that Trump and Vince are posing for a picture together. Last time they were together Trump was shaving Vince McMahon’s head in the ring at Wrestlemania in 2007.


In 2007 Wrestlemania broke all box-office records. It was a stunning show, but what really got people fired up was when Trump got body slammed by Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Trump’s affiliation with the WWE has lasted almost 30 years and it appears it will go at least 4 more with Linda McMahon’s confirmation to cabinet. This will be the first presidency where WWE legends will surely be roaming around the White House.