Worst Uber Ride Ever Ends in Gas Station Crash Followed by Huge Fireball

This past Monday an Uber driver in Seattle crashed into a local Shell Gas Station, causing a huge fireball.

Worst Uber Ride Ever (1)Worst Uber Ride Ever (3)Worst Uber Ride Ever (2)

Security cameras caught all the action as the Uber driver came barreling in the gas station parking lot missing two pumps before slamming into the third causing a huge fireball.

According to KOMO News in Seattle, prior to coming to an abrupt stop at the Shell service station, the 60-year-old Uber driver lost control of the vehicle hitting another car trapping the 35-year-old driver inside the car.

Emergency help freed the driver then transported him to a local hospital with serious injuries. Fortunately, the Uber driver passenger were not injured in the incident.