Wimbledon Fan Yelling Advice to Players Gets Invited to Play with The Ladies (Hilarious Video)

During the invitation doubles matches at Wimbledon Kim Clijsters was serving and taking suggestions from the crowd on where she should place the ball by asking “Inside or Outside?” A man yelled “BODY”, meaning aim the serve right at the opponent and try to jam them.

After hearing him, she replied to him by saying “Why don’t you come try” to which he obliged.

Wimbledon Fan Plays with The Ladies (2)

But after noticing the fan did not meet the dress code for the court, Kim grabbed a skirt from her bag and helped the man get properly dress for the occasion.

Wimbledon Fan Plays with The Ladies (3)

It was great moment that obviously didn’t count in the score but the fans ate it up having a field day with the impromptu side show.

Wimbledon Fan Plays with The Ladies (4)