Heartbreaking Video of Popular YouTuber Showing Us His Home After SoCal Wildfires Bring It to Remnants

SoCal Wildfires Bring Famous YouTuber To Tears. It’s Okay, Grab The Tissue, I Did

William Osman has stockpiled more than 324,000 subscribers and more than 20 million views on YouTube amusing people by making videos doing crazy shit with lasers and DIY projects. But none of that could protect him from mother nature wrecking havoc on his home. Osman posted this video of himself rummaging through the devastation of where his home stood just a few hours earlier.

This really sucks,” he says as he fights back tears. “It’s like, everything… I haven’t cried in a really long time.”

Yet, Osman still finds a way to lighten up a terrible situation as he laughs after seeing a kitchen utensil that might still be suitable for use.

SoCal Wildfires Bring Famous YouTuber To Tears

“We found a fork! The fork looks pretty good,” he says laughing while wiping away tears. “I’m going to cherish this fork.”

GoFundMe page to help Osman and his wife, Chelsea Osman, get back up on their feet has been started. It’s already raised over $142k, way beyond its initial goal of $10,000.

My heart really goes out to this man as well as all the people affected by the fires in LA.