Von Miller Penalized for Offering Tyrod Taylor a “Fake” Helping Hand

Von Miller Got Called For The Silliest Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

These guys were in the same draft class and are actually friendly. But this friendly old-school dis Von Miller played on Tyrod Taylor of the Buffalo Bill really cost the Broncos during the 4th Quarter.

Friends joke with one another. Hey, um.. you’re poor and your momma’s ugly. Well, your kids look like me and call me daddy. That’s just what friends do. Tyrod actually laughed when he got up, it was all in good fun. Did the NFL go too far on this one?

Von Miller Penalized for Offering Tyrod Taylor Fake Helping Hand

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor spoke to the media about how he was played by Vion Miller in his the team’s win against the Broncos.

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