Watch This UCLA Cheerleader Get Dropped TWICE During A Routine

This UCLA Cheerleader Might Want To Consider A New Sport

A UCLA cheerleader had a rough night on Thursday even though the men’s basketball team she was there to rally was victorious.

Sophie Lellis-Petrie fell off of a teammate’s shoulders a few minutes after halftime in the Bruin’s match-up against Oregon.

Sophie, a senior majoring in statistics, fell backwards onto the hard wooden court from a distance of AT LEAST six feet, landing directly on her tailbone.

Watch This UCLA Cheerleader Fall TWICE On The Court. (1)

Have you ever seen people who are hanging out in the ocean, minding their own business and then just get pounded by wave after wave?


Well, that’s kind of like what happened here, cause this fall is far from over.

In an attempt to help out, a fellow teammate scooped her up in his arms to rush her off the court for medical attention.

But in his haste, the rescuer failed to notice a seat rest on the floor, which leads us to her second tumble.

The man falls face first into the hardwood, with Sophie taking the brunt of the impact yet again.


Chivalry isn’t dead, but this guy is just really terrible at it.