Video: Epic Game Of Tug Of War Between Shark and Fisherman

Battle Of The Ages, Shark vs. Fisherman

Nestled between the Indian and Pacific oceans lies a little slice of paradise… one that the most terrible, venomous, predatory creatures call “home”. No, we’re not talking about the fictitious island from Lost, were are talking about Australia. An Island inhabited by the baddest people on the earth as well as dangerous predators.

Do you know how many animals in Australia can kill you. Well theres the 520 different species of spiders of which more than 80% are venomous. Then we have the old salt water crocodile who will eat anything that puts up a fight. Next there is the cone snail, which shoots a nuerotoxin into you that causes you to shit yourself and die. Last but not least, theres the most noteworthy predator, the great white shark. When these mega-fish aren’t kicking it with their best buds, the saltwater crocs, they’re eating whatever the hell they can wrap their 222 razor-sharp teeth into (hint: that’s anything that moves). Yep, these brazen hunters are equipped with the Ampullae of Lorenzini, a magical death adaptation enabling them to detect electromagnetic fields emitted from anything with a pulse.

Imagine yourself as the fisherman above. A situation where a shark has one end of a net and you have the other. What would you do? I for one, would sprint to the other side of the boat, retreat into the fetal position and cry until the shark started feeling bad for me. Now again watch what that Australian badass did. Not only did he continue to hold onto the net but he told the shark to fuck and bopped him on the nose. Just a casual shark nose bop. We should hope Australians don’t smarten up and turn their sights on ruling the world cause they are simply willing to do things the rest of us aren’t and that goes a long way.

Shark vs. Fisherman