Trump-Inspired “Chicken-Don” Ruffles A Few White House Feathers

Why Did Chicken-Don Cross The Road?

If you’ve seen the phrase “Chicken-Don” getting thrown around, unfortunately, it is not referring to a type of Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

And if you google search that phrase in images, you’ll just see this:

Trump-Inspired "Chicken-Don" Ruffles (4)

It’s all very misleading and making me very hungry. Nevertheless, it’s actually referring to this:

Trump-Inspired "Chicken-Don" Ruffles (1)

The 30 ft. tall mother clucker stands between the official residence of Trump and the Washington Monument. Creator Taran Singh Brar says that it represents a president who is “afraid.”

Afraid of what exactly? “Of releasing his tax returns, standing up to Putin, and playing chicken with North Korea.”

This video, which posted on Twitter, explains it all.

The giant inflatable chicken is obviously a hit and also has its own Twitter handle: @TaxMarchChicken. It has nearly 3,000 followers, that’s 3,000 more than I have.

Some Twitter users expressed that the stunt was “pathetic,” while others thought it was “cute.”

Everyone is kind of in a glass case of emotions right now.

Trump-Inspired "Chicken-Don" Ruffles (2)

What do you think about it?