Together inspite of everything, an amazing love story [57 PICS]

The courage of an American hero and the strength of a woman to stand by him.  A story that will truly inspire you.


























































  • Danny

    Great woman for that.

  • kevin

    HEART of a LION,SOUL of a PRINCESS<sooo awesome,congradulation,and both of ur spirits give me hope .

  • badabbott


  • disqus_mVTSxi2hg3

    By far the ABSOLUTE best galery EVER posted by Radass! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

  • That is one very very special lady. They are both HEROES in my book,

  • now thats true love .

  • Pamela Vincent Fenske

    That was amazing, Thank you Radass for sharing that!!

  • Veronica Gibson

    Wow, this man and woman’s courage to live through this EVERY DAY is amazing! What a lovely couple and inspiration. I wish you love, peace and happiness.

  • Abu Keepnitninetynine Ndstrukt

    Every mans dream – A true ryde or die chick

  • Harraz

    wow.. seriously WOW. That is so inspirational. Are there names known? Cuz I wanna look ’em up and know more about this story.. awesome lady