This Thresher Shark Wrecked Some Fishermans’ Boat In Australia

Thresher Sharks are Gnarly AF

I’ve never heard of a Thresher shark until today, so I’m probably not the best person to be writing this story but here I am. Guess we learn something new every day.


Anyway, two Australian fisherman, Peter Feast and Jim Ewing, were fishing for some snapper fish out a sea. All seemed normal, until out of nowhere a 10.5 foot Thresher shark leaped into their boat.

To no surprise, Thresher sharks thrash…so these two learned real quick what they were in for when it hopped in their boat and started causing mayhem.

According to Australia’s 7 News:

“We have never seen anything like this before in our lives,” Ewing said. “The next thing I could see was this head and mouth coming over his [Feast’s] shoulder, and it crashed into his shoulder as it came through. It landed flat, bang on the deck of the boat between the two of us. It could well have broken his neck or if it had opened its mouth it could’ve lacerated an artery.”

Leave it to Australia to have the scariest animals on the planet.