1. Take that day trip to “who knows where we are going”.

Things You Need To Experience In Life

2. Eat that big ass corn dog you know you will regret later.

3. Play a video game that is bigger than life itself.

4. Enjoy a motorboat party with your college classmates.

5. Have the feeling that you are the stud of all studs.

6. And the feeling of not having to bullshit with the story of “the one that got away”.

7. Take an unknown road to a place you have never been before.

8. Do something wild and crazy with every intention of doing it over and over in life.

10. Spend a weekend in New Orleans.

11. Carry your cell phone in your cleavage and ask someone to answer it when it rings.

12. Make good use out of all the crap we were collecting thinking it would be worth lots of money one day.

13. Drink a beer while skydiving.

14. Order a burger for four and eat it all by yourself.

15. Go bull riding.

 16. Be pampered like a baby for 24 hours straight and have no care in the world.

17. Have an expensive bottle of wine at a place where you feel you are on the top of the world.

18. Take a trip to outer space.

19. Swim with the turtles in the Great Barrier Reef.

20. Burn rubber in a cops face and go on a high speed chase.

21. Pole dancing.

22. Eat a pound on bacon with a pound and a half of chocolate on it.

23. Have enough money for one week to do whatever you choose to do with it.

24. Be a biker for a day.

25. Go to a rave and act as if you were 18 again.

26. Have a Hawaiian prepare you a meal with spam.

27. Go on a motorcycle ride across country with a group of people.

28. Go to an all night roller rink and stay up all night skating with friends.

29. Do something so silly even you will wonder why you did it.

30. And finally… Soar like a bird.