Stress Blocks Let You Maintain Laser Focus Without The PEDs

This Unusually Addicting, High-Quality Desk Toy Helps You Regain Your Focus, Fast

When you were a kid, there was Silly Putty. Today, we’re smarter, more accomplished, and definitely in need of greater focus, which is what makes Stress Blocks such a revelation.

Stress block deal

Sitting at a desk all day trying to get all your work done can be difficult, especially in the madness of March. You can take care of all that restless energy, however, with Stress Blocks, the simple toy to help you stay focused on the task at hand. One Stress Block is available now from the Radass Store for $14.99, while two are available at a 41% discount at $27.99.

The Stress Block is a 6-sided cube with a unique game on each side. Each game is designed to be played with one hand so you can keep it busy with all that excess energy while increasing your focus on the task at hand. They’re easily stowed at your desk, or you can throw one in your pocket if you need to focus during the commute.

You can pick up a Stress Block from the Radass Store now for $14.99; that’s 37% off the standard price of $24.