ATTN All Stoners: HIGHER Education: University Offers Degree In Weed

School Is 4 Stoners: Cannabis College

It’s safe to say that Northern Michigan University is going to be getting a lot of stoners transfers after announcing a new four-year degree in Weed. Well, to be more politically correct, it’s a “medicinal plant chemistry degree” but we can cut the bull crap.


This might be the DOPEST degree in the world. But there’s definitely a catch. Well, a few catches. Recreational marijuana isn’t allowed in Michigan, so students won’t be growing, handling or using weed in the class. Even if they want an internship, they’ll have to go out of state.

Still, it’s pretty cool.

While this isn’t the first school to offer classes on marijuana or the laws around it, Marijuana State University – I mean…NMU’s program is the first of its kind; a four-year bachelor’s degree in the science and business of marijuana.

“This is not an easy program. It’s a really intense, biology chemistry program,” said associate chemistry professor Brandon Canfield, who is the creator of the program. Canfield said he thought of the idea when he was attending an American Chemical Society meeting last year. “It was my off day and I saw there was a cannabis chemistry group that was putting on a whole series of talks,” Canfield said.

I heard all about the need for analytical chemists and all sorts of interesting things. That was the initial spark.” After 18 months of development, the weed program is now a real college degree.

So there you have it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.