Ohio State Student Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend Via Snapchat And It Went Viral

Caught Red Handed

If you’re going to cheat, just do your significant other a favor and dump his/her ass – but if you’re still going to be a scumbag at least don’t get caught over Snapchat.

One Ohio State student by the name of AJ got caught red handed attempting to cheat on his girlfriend Allie. And let me tell you, everyone is out to get him.

It all started out like this:


But of course, the young lady did just the opposite and posted it on social media and it went viral almost instantly.

However, a multitude of other AJs on the Ohio State campus wanted the name revealed so as to clear theirs.

And once his name was put out there on the Buckeye Snap Story, it all went downhill from there and everyone showed their support for Allie and absolute hatred for AJ.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! It gets even better.

Almost immediately it began trending and the mantra “Fuck AJ” began all over campus, and even all over the world.

And of course, this situation got the meme treatment: