Shia LaBeouf's Motivational Speech Has Spawned Some of Greatest Photoshopping in Internet History (8 Videos)

Shia LaBeouf Just Do It Funny Parody Videos.

On May 27, Shia LaBeouf released a 30-minute video collaboration with Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art students. Shia performs the work of multiple students in front of a green screen. Within that 30-minute video was a ‘Just Do It’ message that has lit the internet on fire this week.

How can you watch that and not get pumped up? Most people think he’s either crazy or a genius. I don’t give a shit because I will start my day with that video for months in the future.

A bonus of this video is that Shia performed it in front of a green screen. That allowed the internet to run wild with it and photoshop LaBeouf into famous movie/television scenes, as well as some original productions. There are a lot of good ones featured on the subreddit MotivaShian. Below are some of the best ones out there.

Shia LaBeouf Climbs This Guy’s Balcony

Shia LaBeouf Teaches Acting

Shia LaBeouf Has Some Words for LeBron and Steph Curry

Shia LaBeouf Deleted Avengers Cameo

Shia LaBeouf Coaches Bill O’Reilly

Darth Shia Creates Darth Vader

Shia LaBeouf Delivers the Most Intense Haka of all Time

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