She wanted to look like anime (Japanese cartoon) character [20 PICS]

29-year-old Singapore fashion designer Jacqueline Koh has spent $136,000 over the past several years on ten surgeries. She wanted to look like an anime type character. Spending a whopping $136,000 over the past several years, Koh was committed to completely changing the way she looked. The impetus for her transformation came from unexpected weight gain that she could not lose after dieting and exercise. She underwent liposuction and a body reshaping type procedure, which then led to various face surgeries, including chin implants, eyelid adjustments, nose jobs and even flattening of her ears. She has one more correction procedure in March, but according to Koh that will be the final surgery. However, she maintains a rigid and expensive (several thousand per year) maintenance regime that includes daily facemasks, weekly skin rejuvenation massages and biannual Botox and other filler injections. Koh claims to be satisfied with all of the procedures and says she is happy and the “same person on the inside.” According to Koh she receives hundreds of daily emails through her blog from people seeking cosmetic procedure advice and enjoys steering them in the right direction.