She Earned a Fortune Working as Britney's Clone [15 PICS]

Michaela Weeks owns a couple of houses, a few sports cars and a wardrobe of designer clothes.
And she got all this by working as doppelganger Britney Spears.
She was a simple waitress before.



Michaela Weeks says: “Every day I check what Britney is wearing and what she’s doing. When she releases new singles I have to learn the songs, get an outfit to match and teach myself the dance routine as soon as possible.
“I love it when Britney puts on weight because I can slack off a bit and enjoy snacking. But I have to get in shape when she does.”








“My boyfriend Craig has been with me from the beginning so me ‘being’ Britney has never fazed him.
“We’ve had some fun with the costumes — his favourite is the naughty schoolgirl.”



Her career took off and she is now signed to several agencies. She says: “I haven’t looked back. I put together a tribute act with the help of a vocal coach and choreographer. “These days I perform one or two songs and then mix and mingle but sometimes I get asked to do a full 45-minute set. “I trained as a beautician so I’d be working in a salon if I wasn’t a lookalike. “It’s fate that I was born in this body and I never take for granted how lucky I am.”