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  • ScottNBNP

    To bad this is coming from another bias mind. Just because your an apple fan boy dosn’t mean your right. I have both a Mac and a PC at home and know which one was way cheap with more power the PC, I was able to build a top of the line computer for just over 1grand, where as a mac cost me 3grand. 
    This is also coming from someone who builds computers. So before you start whinging and bitching that people are being bias might want to look at the man in the mirror huh? 
    Also its meant to be a joker moron. 

    • Just because you’re (not your) a WIndows fan boy doesn’t mean you know anything.  I have personally be using Macs and PCs side-by-side every day since 1987.

      Your cut-rate PC will be in the trash when the Mac is sill going strong.  I have a PowerBook Mac Laptop that is over 12 years old that I use every day and it works perfectly.  

      Also, Mac software, what isn’t free is usually much cheaper than the same thing for Windows.  A case in point is the video editor Sony Vegas.  For the PC it was $700 several years ago.  When I bought Final Cut Express for my iMac, it was $150.  It does everything Vegas does and is easier to use.

      If you build using cheaper components without the attention to detail you get with an Apple product, it will cost less to make, but not to own.  It’s Econ 101, Price vs.Value.  I suspect that concept is over your head.  Do you think that everyone that buy a Mac is as stupid as you are?

      Doesn’t it bother you at all that this site lied about the relative prices?

      • Play nice boys. The feud of PC VS MAC will go on forever. Take a look at this video: http://radass.com/2012/09/03/the-ultimate-showdown-for-mac-vs-pc/

        • Then are you saying we should not take exception to lies?  Come to think of it, you’re the one that displayed the first lie with your false pricing.  

          Tell me, is there anything I personally posted that is not true?  Too bad you can’t say that for yourself.

          BTW, MS did model the first Windows release based on the Mac.  Here’s a picture showing Gates after performing some research.

          Having said all of that I will say that Win XP has been very solid for me with few BSoD and other functional failures.  From my experience with Win7, it is even better.  OSX is still better, maybe Apple hired all the best programmers and left MS with the culls?

          • Satanshelper

            All of you just need to chill, I have extensive work with all the big OSes and it really goes #3 Mac #2 PC #1 any Linux distro. And don’t be all like well mac is unix b/c mac still sucks.

          • Based upon your ratings, it’s obvious that you know nothing about any OS.  

            You are an idiot and a liar and should stop showing your stupidity in public, unless you get a cheap thrill from that.  

          • Nonya

             Gotta love the Mac/PC battle.   I’ve noticed that usually the more tech
            savvy folks prefer PC’s while the ‘cool’ people prefer Macs.    I
            personally prefer the PC but many of
            my friends prefer Macs.  Chill out, this is a HUMOR sight and
            besides a comparable PC is WAY cheaper than a Mac (and is better
            IMHO).   To each their own.

          • I’ve noticed that the more ignorant people are, the more they prefer Windows.  

            Your opinion is based upon ignorance.  So just STFU.

          •  Thanks James! Your opinion matters a lot to us man!

      • Greg Murnane

         You must have missed econ 101, because value is a maximum amount people will pay for something, not directly reflected in the price. The hardware that Apple uses is the EXACT same as the hardware you can put in a PC, with a substantial markup because it has the glossy look, and the Apple logo. Apple is a brand name computer company, and as much as they do sell quality computers, the same hardware quality can be had for less from other companies.

        As an entertaining twist, you claim the price vs. value thing right after saying how much less you pay for the Mac software. At the risk of committing a tu quo fallacy, that’s hilarious.

        (As a side note, I just went to the Apple site, and came up with a $6222.00 price tag for the computer described in the image. The image could be old, but it seems unlikely that both prices would be even multiples of 10)

        • FYI, I have a degree in Bus Admin.  So I didn’t miss Econ as you did. The definition you gave of price vs value is not correct. The value of something is not always related to the price. Even if your definition were correct, you ignore the fact that millions of people are willing to pay the price of Apple products for the very reasons I gave. The value, consisting of the quality, utility, reliability, and resale value. makes them a good value for the price.

          The hardware that Apple uses is NOT the same as used in all PCs. (“exact same” is a redundancy. If something is the same, it is exactly the same. So much for your education) Many components, such as the processors, are the same. Not every other component, such as power supplies, and the care used in assembly is the same.

          Furthermore, it is not just a matter of hardware. As I said, but you refused to understand, build quality, designed-in ease of use, and attention to detail make a huge difference. A product built to meet a price can use identical hardware and still be vastly inferior to one that has the quality designed in. Again that’s a point most Apple-haters cannot understand.

          It’s also why I have a 12 y/o Mac laptop I use every day and it all still works perfectly. Yes, there are quality PCs being built. I have personally had very good experiences with Toshiba and IBM (Now Lenovo) equipment. The cost of those was comparable or even more than a Macintosh.

          Those are facts; sorry if they hurt your delusions.

  • So tell us, what did David say that was not true?  Dislike and denial is not proof.  Trot out some verifiable facts and you’ll get respect.  Until then, lots of luck.

    • Kaleb

       I just added up the price of a fully spec’d (dual 3.06 GHz Intel Xeon, 64 GB RAM, four 512 GB Solid State Drives, two ATI Radeon 5770s, two SuperDrives, and two Apple displays) and a PC with comparable/better specs (dual 3.1 GHz 8-core, 16-core total Intel processors, 64GB RAM, expandable to 96GB, four 512 GB Solid State Drives, two ATI Radeon 5770s, two Light Scribe DVD burners with the same/greater speed compared to Super Drives, and two 2560×1440 displays with 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio), and it totaled $9246 for PC and $14347 for the Mac.
      The PC also had 7 PCIe 3.0 slots, 12 RAM slots, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, a Thunderbolt port, an Optical port, and a 1394b port.
      In other words, you have better specs than the Mac at 2/3 the price. Also, his point was made on a photo that is remarkably old (how old, I can’t say, I just know I’ve been aware of it for several years), but even still, Macs are way overpriced compared to the exact same PC, part for part. Not to mention you could technically install OSX on a PC, so long as you branded it with an Apple sticker… Totally legal.
      Basically what I’m saying is those are verifiable facts, your move James.

      • What you miss is the build quality and attention to detail of Apple products. I’ve made this point several times but so many, like you, either cannot comprehend it or stubbornly refuse to see it.

        A Mercedes is worth more than a Yugo for a reason. Why can WIndows fan boys not see that? It isn’t Windows that’s at fault. I’ve said that XP and now WIn 7 are the best, most solid and reliable versions of WIndows ever. You can install WIndows on a Mac and many do. That’s why Boot camp is a standard feature of OSX. It’s the build quality, attention to detail, and utility that separates the two. Can you now comprehend why Macs are, and always have been better?

        • Gameplaya2023

           you just compared the build quality of apple (I.E. the hardware) to windows 7 (software). You can build a better PC then a Mac. Windows software also has billions and billions of lines of code, which is why its so power consuming and so many backdoors for viruses. Apple is smaller and doesnt need to have a ton of cooling units because of that. But to say that they don’t have viruses is stupid. Most people still have PC’s. There is no market for programmers to make viruses for Mac’s when so many more people use PC’s. Also there is a virus for Mac’s, it shut down a few thousand computers. My opinion is that people who like to customize and optimize their computer to the very last detail, get a PC and run windows, linux, ubuntu, or even apple’s OS. If you want something already made and simple go Mac, also if you do movies and music and editing. Windows for everything else. Linux and Ubuntu if your a badass.

        • Kaleb

           A Mercedes is worth more because of what’s under the hood and because the outside is shiny.
          Every time you Apple fan boys say that Apple is better because it costs more and use analogies like cars… Well, it shows you’re confused. As I just said, BOTH Apple built computers and a home built computer can have the same specs, but home built is several grand cheaper. So they have the exact same hardware (newegg computer parts distributor and several manufacturers also test their hardware they receive thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t fail, so don’t tell me Apple tests theirs and so their hardware is better, because other people test hardware too), and both can have OSX, Windows, or any flavor of Linux you want on it.
          All I’m arguing is that Mac ups their price because of the shiny case, it had nothing to do with the OS. But even if it did have to do with the OS, building your own and installing OSX on it is still cheaper than buying a Mac with a shiny case…
          By the by, you can even buy a Mac Pro case on eBay for just $50, so if you even wanted it to look like an Apple Built computer, you could buy that and STILL have several grand to spare…

  • Gavan

    You are incorrect sir. After calculating the price of all the parts individually, I found that the price is actually somewhere  from 3 to 4 thousand. Although you can’t actually calculate the exact price due to the lack of information, I think my calculation is quite accurate. The Intel Xeon CPU is a problem, there are several different processors, 2 of which cost over 1k dollars. 8tb of storage is a simple one, depending on where you get it from you should only have to pay 760$. RAM is a simple one, 70-80$. 2 super drives is not specific at all, the only reason to get a super drive for pc would be to sell it on ebay, but retail price is 80$ ea. Now the displays is where PC wins, 2x 27in monitors from asus is gonna cost a whopping 800$, Mac 1600$. I’m not bias for either party, I just look at the facts, and it looks like Pc would be cheaper, depending on who your provider is.

  • Just Awesome