Radass Daily 12/26/12 [39 PICS]








































  • Tom

    Your photo on “gun control” serves no purpose whatsoever. It’s pointless and not even entertaining. If anything, it’s propaganda to help in the attempt to thwart the 2nd amendment, unamerican, offensive and communist. Very disappointed this was posted. – a long time supporter.

    • Tom,

      Thanks so much for posting your comment first of all. Second, we want to apologize for posting that image. We in fact do support the second amendment, and posting that image was not meant to voice our opinion in any way. We do agree that as Americans it is our job to uphold the second amendment, and our entire constitution for that matter. I apologize for any way we may have upset you over the issue, believe me we are upset that we portrayed a false belief. The image was removed as it is not a message that we stand behind. Have a happy holidays Tom!