Radass.com's journey to 20k visitors! In picture form. [17 PICS]

It all started with an idea.

We went hard to work and built our website. We wanted to make sure it had the perfect blend of funny, heartwarming, hot, and amusing.

Before we knew it we were open and ready for you a whole generation of Radasses to begin.

We had a few people hanging around our awesome site. A few of them became die-hard fans at first sight!

But then… We caught the eye of someone.

And he shared our site with his friend.

We began to realize we may need to upgrade our server if too many people were going to share our site.

So we decided to switch hosting proviers. But we became frustrated with the company.

It felt like an uphill battle trying to switch…

So we came back to our sweet little cottage we were at.

And instead set up Radass on a bigger server than before!

If you build it, they will come. And boy did you come!

And on July 27, 2012 we had 20,000+ people visit our baby Radass.com! That’s enough to fill a stadium!

No not two, TWENTY thousand!

Thank you for being there to cheer us on, and thank you for your support!