Pregnant Raccoon Breaks Into Convertible To Give Birth

Talk About A Speedy Delivery

It’s no coincidence that raccoons look like miniature burglars.

The mischievous creatures are usually up to no good – from stealing cat food to swimming onto people’s kayaks – they’ve always got a devious plan to execute.

One raccoon in Manatee County, Florida, even broke into a convertible – but it was for a pretty good reason.

This raccoon was pregnant, and she just wanted a safe place to give birth to her little babies.

So what did she do? She tore down a plastic cover into a convertible and hopped on in.


“It was quite an interesting and challenging rescue,” Devon Straight, from the Wildlife, Inc. rescue organization, said to the Herald Tribune adding that the call was a strange twist from his normal schedule. “I felt pretty bad for the owner of the car. They tore up the sun shades, chewed some shoes and peed all over the place.”


Straight transported the family – deemed healthy – to a nearby wooded area and released them to the wild where the mom dashed out from the kennel, forgetting her children.

What a bitch, amirite?

But Straight said she would soon come back, realizing she had left behind her children.

I mean…I was hoping for this to be a happier ending, but that’s life for ya.