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Life Without Redheads Would Just Plain Suck! (39 Pics)

January 17, 2014 | Tags: Cuties, Featured, Girls, Redheads | 4400 Views

Radass Daily 1/17/14 (41 Pics)

January 17, 2014 | Tags: Radass | 451 Views

Hot Links on the Internet 1/17/14

January 17, 2014 | 124 Views

Elena Shumilova’s Photography Is Stunning (25 Pics)

January 17, 2014 | Tags: Art, Awesome, Featured, Other, People, Photography, Russia | 1375 Views

After Death Of 12-Yr-Old Daughter, Parents Find Letter She Wrote To Future Self

January 17, 2014 | Tags: Featured, Other, People | 583 Views

Jonah Hill Almost Had “SexyTime” One a Plane

January 17, 2014 | Tags: Celebrities, Fail, Funny, Funny, LOL, Videos | 316 Views

JONAH HILL’s Epic Airplane Sex Fail – The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA Somebody has to make this up soon and put it in a movie. This is why it sucks to get blamed for other peoples shit.

When The British Give Commentary On American Football (Video)

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Funny, Videos | 304 Views

Britain’s premier sports commentator ANTHONY RICHARDSON is back to announce this year’s Superbowl Semi Finals between Alabama and Notre Dame. Nice of the NFL to include a French team, but the Parisian Cathedral came up short in this thrilling encounter, which seemed to end after only 3 and a half minutes. In the video the… Continue Reading

27 Signs You Have Been Friend Zoned… Again

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Friendzoned, Funny, Radass | 1108 Views

News on Boobs – Everyone Loves them (35 Pics)

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Boobs, Featured, Fill my cup, Girls | 2477 Views

Great Grandma Hires Stripper To Celebrate Her 100th Birthday (Video)

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Awesome, Funny, Videos | 363 Views

Doris Deahardie, a 100-year-old great grand mother celebrated her milestone birthday by hiring a stripper for a saucy party at a Retford pub. Doris even handpicked the stripper herself and specifically requested “the full Monty,”.  The widow, who lives with her son Barry and his wife Sharon, had originally wanted to mark her century by booking… Continue Reading

Radass Daily 1/16/14 (35 PICS)

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Radass | 802 Views

Hot Links on the Internet 1/16/14

January 16, 2014 | 124 Views

This Kid Is Smarter Than Me and Probably You Too

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Awesome, Inspiring, Kids, Technology, Videos | 327 Views

You Could Use a Nice Dose of WTF (38 PICS)

January 16, 2014 | Tags: Funny, Radass, WTF | 564 Views

29 Classic College Dorm Room Posters

January 16, 2014 | Tags: America, Back in the day, College, Featured, Other | 2700 Views

Hilarious Dinner Request By Little Girl Will Make You Smile (Video)

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Funny, Kids, Videos | 357 Views

The moral to this story… Never ask a kid what they want for dinner.

The Most Violent Sport In The World

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Extreme Sports, Other, Sports, Videos | 1428 Views

Modern Day Gladiators Participate In The Most Violent Sport In The World The most violent sport in the world is held annually in Florence Italy. This 600 year old historical soccer match called Calcio Storico Fiorentino is a mix of MMA, boxing, soccer, rugby, football and Greco Roman wrestling. Calcio Storico Fiorentino is an early form of… Continue Reading

A Redneck Stunt That Probably Started With… Hold My Beer, I Got This Sh!t (Video)

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Funny, Rednecks, Videos, WTF | 593 Views

Pardon me but this seem extraordinarily crazy. It’s the slingshot from hell. This girl has guts and tons of faith in whoever built it! I have a feeling she was raised in the south and has the thinks just because its dangerous doesnt mean ya shouldnt do it! The G force on this redneck stunt must have… Continue Reading

Sarah Palin Might Really Be On To Something Here (18 Pics)

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Celebrities, Featured, Funny, Girls | 1801 Views

Sarah Palin Speaks Out About Women And Fish Photography Sarah Palin And Fish Photography. Her thought what would make the world a better place. “I think this world would be better off having more young women holding a fish in a picture than holding their camera in front of a bathroom mirror, taking a selfie.”… Continue Reading

Hump Day is a Special Day

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Girls, Hump Day | 3102 Views

Radass Daily 1/15/14 (42 Pics)

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Radass Daily | 766 Views

Hot Links on the Internet 1/15/14

January 15, 2014 | 154 Views

Meet The Man Who Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years (7 Photos and Video)

January 15, 2014 | Tags: Facts, Featured, People | 985 Views

This Man Hasn’t Bathed in 60 Years Amou Haji an 80-year-old who chooses to live a solitary life in Southern Iran, hasn’t bathed in sixty years. He believes being clean brings him sickness. Adding to Haji’s strange life and way of thinking he says his favorite food is rotten porcupine. He also smokes a pipe packed with… Continue Reading

CNN Reporter Gets High After Story On Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization (Video)

January 14, 2014 | Tags: Featured, Funny, Marijuana, Videos | 527 Views
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