Suspended Olympian Cleared After Proving That Kissing Girlfriend Resulted In Failed Drug Test

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 Olympian Cleared of Doping charges

USA Today

“An arbitrator officially cleared Olympic gold medalist Gil Roberts, conceding that the sprinter ingested a banned substance by means of kissing his girlfriend, according to the public case report. 

Roberts, who won a gold medal at the Rio Games as a member of the 4×400-meter relay team, had been suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency in May after testing positive for probenecid in his system in a March drug test.

Roberts claimed that the substance entered his system through “frequently and passionately” kissing his girlfriend — who was treating a sinus infection with the medication Moxylong — ahead of the drug test.

The independent arbitrator, however, helped clear Roberts through an expedited hearing — allowing him to compete in the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships and qualify for the world championships in the 400-meter run in London next month.

The arbitrator concluded that Roberts “had no idea that kissing his girlfriend could lead to his ingesting a prohibited substance. When he kissed her he did not remember the taste of medicine in her mouth. …Thus for Roberts it must have been like lightning out of a clear blue sky for him to learn by kissing his girlfriend this time that he was exposing himself to a prohibited substance. Roberts has met his burden of proof.”

Roberts’ case is similar to that of Shawn Barber, the pole vault world champion who tested positive for cocaine but actually ingested it from a female escort.”

If this whole thing smells fishy, here is the the USADA statement regarding the suspension being lifted.

Olympian ClearedOlympian ClearedOlympian Cleared

If this whole story doesn’t give you skeptical hippo eyes, I don’t know what will. So you’re telling me you swap enough spit with your girlfriend to get trace amounts of a banned substance into your body? Either way, its strange.

Or maybe you had your girlfriend get a prescription, which you then took and created this entire ridiculous narrative to get out of it. But lets be honest, I feel like there could have been better lies then this one and maybe, just maybe this guy is just a really intense kisser. Let be real folks, sometimes reality is harder to believe than lies.

Olympian cleared