News Station Mixes Up PyeongChang And P.F. Chang’s And Gets Roasted

A news station in Chicago accidentally confused PyeongChang, the location of the Olympics, with P.F. Chang’s, the American-Asian fast casual dining chain.

Chicago’s ABC News Affiliate, LS-CH. 7 made the catastrophic mistake of confusing PyeongChang with P.F. Chang’s on live television and the internet is tearing them apart.

news station

Holy crap, that’s bad! How did NO ONE working there catch that?! And what could arguably be even worse is their excuse for this mistake.

That logo was created for a “satirical piece”? Hmmm… okay, sure.

Of course, this image was circulated all over the internet and a few Twitter users had something to say about it.

My personal favorite:

Even P.F. Chang’s chimed in!

I’m still in disbelief.