New Netflix Show GLOW Trailer Looks Insanely Funny

Trailer For New Netflix Show GLOW Starring Allison Brie and the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Glow Trailer

GLOW, otherwise known as ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’, was a television show in the 1980s that was somewhat of a mix between comedy and pro wrestling. It had a large cult following, and there was a Netflix documentary about it a few years back. That’s about all I know about the show, but based on this trailer, it should be pretty damn funny. The show starring Alison Brie as Ruth is coming in from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know shit about the business, which is a great angle to take. This show is written by the people who brought us Orange Is The New Black.

Now I had my doubts about this show but I am foreshadowing lots of sexy scenes with Allison Brie. She is a smoke show.