Guy Hits One In A Million Golf Shot, Knocks Down A Moving Water Skiier (Video)

Golf Is Fun?

Whether you love golf or not, it’s boring AF. There’s a reason old geezers like playin it – it’s slow and strategic.

But these idiot college kids featured on the TFM Instagram page, got nothin but time and learned how to make it fun – whether or not people are getting pissed about it.

Like, when you run over people with golfcarts, the game gets a little better.

“Would you run over your friend for a million dollars?”


Wait for it

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If you thought golf was a low-risk game, think again.


Oh no not while he's holding his piece (@Jay__Bird11)

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And I guess this makes it fun, too?

Go Dawgs (@danieldreyovich)

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But no one has got a million dollar shot like this guy:

One in a million shot (@Spencer5andlin)

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Some might call it fake. Some might say he got lucky. But it’s probably fake.

Either way, it goes to show ya. If you’re stuck playing a boring ass game for 18 holes and hours on end, dumb shit will happen.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Dam I was hoping to see the guy actually get run over by the golf cart not just hit, that would have made this 10 times better.

    • Voice, I personally don’t understand what the fuck these kids are thinking doing this. I’ll bet during my daily rounds looking for content, I see at least 5-6 new videos of college kids doing something stupid with golf carts. I guess we were all crazy punk ass kids at one time or another. LOL