McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce From 1998 Just Sold for $15,000

Someone Paid $15,000 For McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce From 1998 Because of TV Show ‘Rick And Morty’

Rick and Morty

This week in weird news. Someone just paid 15 thousand dollars for a packet of McDonald’s dipping sauce. Thanks to the popular TV show Rick And Morty mania, someone on Ebay just purchased the original Mulan Szechuan Dipping Sauce, reportedly found after being left inside a very old car from back in the day. The winning bid was $14,700.

McDonalds Szechuan Sauce

The Adult Swim cartoon showed Rick begging McDonald’s to bring back the limited edition, promotional “Szechuan McNugget” that the Golden Arches debuted with Disney in 1998. The infamous food item existed for a hot second to promote the movie Mulan almost 20 years ago. In the words of Rick:

 “I’m not driven by avenging my dead family…. I’m driven by finding that McNugget sauce. I want that Mulan McNugget Sauce … That’s my series arc, Morty. If it takes nine season, I want that McNugget Szechuan sauce.”