Desperate Scumbag Catfishes Girl to Ask Why He’s Not Getting Tinder Matches

I mean, how bad does a person have to look to not get one date on Tinder?

This dude is seriously fucked up, the poor girl must have been terrified! It’s hard to understand why she even stuck around to defend herself (for five full minutes) instead of just kicking him in the balls the second he started calling her shallow and demanding she “admit it”.

All because women really fall for the desperate, “YOU’RE WRONG FOR NOT GIVING ME A CHANCE”, relentless stalker type. Let’s hope this creepy fuck left her alone and didn’t follow her home.

  • Josh Gordon

    This dude could look like Ryan Goslings long lost twin bother and women would still run for him, hes a fucking creep yo.


    What . . . a psycho!

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  • Nate Fanfare

    I cannot imagine why this fucking guy couldn’t get anyone to date him. I’m baffled.

    What the hell was this guy hoping to accomplish?