Lauren La Carriere in's Model Spotlight [9 PICS]

Glamour model Lauren La Carriere has sent Radass an awesome gallery from her recent beach shoot! Be sure to like her Facebook page, leave a comment below, and let her know how you like the pics!



I started modeling when I was 18 at car shows and that was when I had my first bikini shoot.  Being young and nieve at that time, I just wanted to be in Playboy because my mom was when she was younger.  I decided to put it on hold for awhile after a few online features and when I was 19 going on 20 in a few months, I had the urge to get back into it, but doing it more for myself and what I wanted to do.  I had come to the conclusion that posing nude in a magazine wasn’t for me, but continued to shoot glamour and work as an import model at several different auto shows.  As I continued to shoot more and more and work random events here and there, my porfolio was coming along well and I got into Lowrider magazine, then shortly after Perfomance Auto Sound Magazine.  I finally just wanted to make this more work then fun, and work as a model on the side while working my normal office job.  Earlier this year, I was  hired by an agency to work several different liquor promotions and I continue to do that every weekend as well as tradeshows.


Photos by Brian Cardenas