Playboy Bunny Jeni Summers Wants To Be Brazil’s Next Miss BumBum Winner

Meet Brazil’s Miss BumBum Contestor

Jeni Summers, 29-year-old Playboy Mexico Playmate, wants to be crowned Brazil’s next Miss BumBum this November. How does one prepare for such an occasion?


In preparation for the competition Jeni is giving up her vegetarian lifestyle to eat a meat-heavy diet of steak, ham, chicken and tuna. She also does TWO HOURS of squats EVERY DAY. I can’t even do two hours of squats over the 3 months.

She’ll be in competition with 26 other big-booty women, but the stakes are high. There is a cash prize and a year modelling contract that is global.

Jeni said, “Myself and one other contestant were specifically asked if we wanted to participate – of course I said yes, who doesn’t want to make history? I am training five days a week – intense weight training and also boxing twice a week. To make sure my body has all the protein it needs I underwent a major diet change, going from being vegetarian to eating five meals a day with tons of meat and a minimum of 200g of protein per sitting.”

People in Brazil are WILD, especially the women. So it’s no surprise to me that they have a contest all about dat ass. The better question is, why don’t they have that here?

Stay tuned for more updates on the competition!