Brilliant Inventions That Make Life Easier (38 Pics)

In this day and age, life is all about finding more efficient ways to complete tasks and save time, so that we can in turn do more with our day. Our lives are moving faster than ever. So what would help us maximize our time, and enhance our life? Below are 38 brilliant inventions that may or may not make your life easier.

Which ones do you like? Which ones do you think wouldn’t work well? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below the post!

Brilliant inventions that make life easier (38 Pics)Brilliant inventions that make life easier (38 Pics)Brilliant inventions that make life easier (38 Pics)

  • qwerty

     It is used to remove a stripped screw. The rubber band allows the screwdriver to get a grip on the screw and back it out. I agree though, the picture was very deceptive. If I didn’t already know that I would have been confused as well.

  • common sense

    It is supposed to be for when you are trying to screw in a stripped screw…

  • Bullswool

    If you have stripped the head of the screw this will help to grip the ’rounded’ hole better

  • Egan84

    I assume it was a stripped screw head so the rubber gave the screwdriver some grip. Just my thoughts

  • John Cook

     …and then when you slam down the hammer, the nails go flying. This idea is for the homeowner, not the professional framer.

    • Prof Framer

      Yup…nothing beats a good tool belt. 

      • Gfkug

         im assuming its strong enough to hold the nails on

  • Wow. Amazing ideas. The ones who designed them must be genius. I loved the cell phone battery idea. No more wires and stress…

  • Dave

    Are you trying to tell us that you’re incapable of picking up a nail while holding a hammer and transfering it to your other hand?

    I think you might have bigger concerns if that concept is too much for you to grasp.

  • Dave

    Are you serious?

  • Dave is wrong

    No they don’t

    • Ed

      Yes they do, black should be in the bottom left, not the bottom right. Their entire game started incorrectly.

      • fassintaak


        • fassintaak

          yall both wrong

  • hghg


  • grace

    if someone can tell me where i can get the green folding couch, lounge, & table thing that would be awesome.

  • Doug

    25 and 26 are things I’ve always done. i agree with this Thomas Sharpe fellow, not about suffocation but basic discomfort…

  • Tony

    A lot of pointless crap here.