How to Piss Your Friend Off (10 Pics)

Say you’ve just lost a bet to someone. If you’re going to be fair, you have to pay up right? But who says you have to be nice about it? Here’s how you can give someone what you owe them, as well as what they deserve, all while keeping your word.

Step 1: Lock card in tricky mind puzzle.

How to Piss Your Friend Off (10 Pics)

Step 2: Cover in 5 alternating layers of plastic wrap and Gorilla Glue.

How to Piss Your Friend Off (10 Pics)

Step 3: Cover in many layers of awesome mustachio duct tape.

How to Piss Your Friend Off (10 Pics)

Step 4: Knot entire package in 200 feet of string, then place inside Glad ware and Gorilla Glue closed.

Step 5: Tape around glad ware, and place ensemble in lock box along with an awesome picture of yourself mocking the intended recipient.

Step 6: Lock said lock box, wrap with bike lock, and lock bike lock with padlock.

Step 7: Place lock box key and pad lock key in individual pieces of crumpled notebook paper. Place lock box, keys, and 55 other “decoy” pieces of paper into large container.

Step 8: Use 15 feet of chain, combination lock, and banana to Houdini the entire thing closed.

Step 9: Include a Sudoku puzzle that needs to be solved to obtain the combination to the combination lock.

Step 10: Tape it up and you’re ready to go! (Banana for scale).