Hooters Changes Iconic Uniforms in Attempt to be More ‘Family Friendly’

Unfortunately Hooters Will Change Their Uniforms to Create a More ‘Family Friendly’ Vibe. Psh.

Hooters Uniform Change

Well this is just un-American.

Yahoo – Family friendly isn’t exactly the first thing to come to mind when you think of Hooters. But the company, which is opening more than 30 new outlets across Asia, plans to change that — with the help of a new image.

According to Neil Bailey, the president of Hooters Asia, the new stores in the region will have a “family restaurant experience.” The term “Hooters Girl” has long been associated with skimpy tops and short skirts, but they might look a little different in Asia.

In the Jakarta outlet, for example, the company is working on a new uniform that will feature skorts (skirts with shorts underneath), higher necklines and thicker stockings.

Here’s the problem: Hooters isn’t geared towards families in the first place. Your family wants to grab a Sunday evening dinner, you don’t take them to Hooters. Let’s be real here. People don’t go here for the food. People go here because it’s a good time. You can see some eye candy, drink a few beers, and enjoy yourself. It’s a happy environment to go with your buddies for happy hour. Not a place to take your children for a healthy and tasty meal.

There’s nothing wrong with a hot Hooters girl in a skimpy outfit looking to make a ton of tips. It’s called supply and demand. That’s the American dream and I wouldn’t have it any other way.