Guy Dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags Photobombs Hearing on Equifax Breach

This Man IS now a Fucking Legend!

A protester dressed in a top hat and handlebar mustache sat directly behind former Equifax Chairman during the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on the company’s cybersecurity breach on Wednesday. The protester stroked the handlebar mustache and even briefly sported a monocle while Smith took questions from members of the committee.

While the Monopoly guy looks great, as a bald guy, I want to know what that Equifax CEO shine his head with?


After the hearing, the Monopoly man chases the Equifax CEO. The hearing was about Equifax, but Monopoly Man monopolizes most of the attention. Not only did he grab a prime seat during the hearing, but also got onto multiple cameras post-hearing.. this is simply brilliant.