Dude Cracks 80ft Bull Whip on Himself

Guy Builds a Giant Whip and Cracks it on Himself During Demonstration

In this video, a guy named Bryan supposedly was trying to demonstrate a physics experiment. Bryan was attempting to crack an 80ft bull whip. After the first throw, it did absolutely nothing. Bryan decided it was time to turn up the heat and by the second and third throws, the whip cracked with severe force. You can even hear it whistling by him as he jumps out of the way. On the last two throws, he ended up hitting his leg and taking a fair amount of skin off. Ouch.

From playing with a whip as a kid, I had to learn the hard way its better to just leave it be. Building an 80 ft. bull whip and cracking it in your direction is asking for trouble. Not sure that Bryan thought this one through. Physics 4 Bryan 0.