Author Opportunity – Want to Be a Writer for Radass?

What We’re Looking For?

Basically, we want what you want to write about within the scope of what Radass is. We have two slogans – (1) It’s Just a Cool Place to Be! and (2) Your Ten Minute Daily Smile. So writers that write for Radass need to be positive in nature. If it’s cool, it’s probably a go! If it makes people smile, it’s probably a go. If it’s a hard luck story, make sure it has an uplifting ending. Funny is always good, acts of kindness, feel good stories, random awesomeness, hotness, and trending stories are a few more examples of what we like to see on Radass.


  • Bashing people because of sexual preference, gender, weight, race, social status or religious preference is not acceptable.
  • Any articles deemed hostile in nature.
  • Negative news stories about death, destruction and despair.
  • In general, anything that is “downer news” like 90% of the stuff heard on the 5 o’clock local news.

We are looking to be a positive experience for our readers, so if you think you fit the bill and have what it takes to write for us, we’d love to hear from you!