The Gronk Crashes Spicer’s Press Briefing at White House as Patriots Wait to be Congratulated by President Trump

Like The Patriots or Not, You Gotta Love The Gronk

During a White House press briefing Wednesday afternoon, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski unexpectedly showed up. The New England Patriot tight end Robert Gronkowski, aka ‘The Gronk’, snuck into the briefing room though the lower press door behind Spicer’s podium. ‘Need some help?’ the Super Bowl champ the Press Secretary.

Spicer, a New Englander and Patriots fan, stopped the press briefing to reply.

‘I think I got this, but thank you,’ Spicer chuckled.

‘You sure?’ Gronkowski followed up.

 ‘Uhh maybe,’ Spicer answered.

 The press secretary grinned, ‘Alright, thanks man, I’ll see you in a minute.’

And then told reporters, ‘That was cool.’