Massive 15 Foot Great White Shark Takes Bite Out of Fishing Boat

Bite – Sized Boat?

There’s been plenty of scary videos about sharks attacking people, circling surfers, etc so the last thing I need to see is that sharks will even go as far as to take a bite out of a boat.

Is there really nowhere we can be safe in the big blue?

One great white wanted a piece of a fisherman’s crab pot and they wouldn’t let him have it. So what did he do? Take a big ol chomp out of the boat…well at least he tried.

Simon Lawrence and Blair Fitzgerald say they were fishing for crabs around 16-kilometres off the Coast of Coffin Bay when they saw one of the crab pots on the move.

Determine to get it back, they launched a drone and followed the shark, a five minute battle then ensued.

“Normally they pop their head up and swim away but this one was pretty keen to come back and get his pot,” Blair Fitzgerald said.

“More aggressive than I’ve ever had, I’ve been doing this 12 years now… I’ve never seen one go the boat like that, he wasn’t happy until he got that pot back,” Simon Lawrence said.