All You Can Eat For Only $10. Hungry Now?

 Golden Corral Employee Exposes Disgusting Kitchen

All you can eat for $10 at your local Golden Corral? Hmm, what’s the catch? Oh, maybe just the nastiest kitchen conditions anyone has ever seen. This weekend a whistleblowing employee posted photos he took from inside the Golden Corral kitchen he works in. If Jon Taffer saw this he might drop dead of a heartattack.

Golden Corral

The kitchen is overflowing with garbage in close proximity to food (three more pictures below) and if that’s not enough another employee of Golden Corral posted a video of food that had been moved outside near the restaurant’s dumpsters when health inspectors showed up. This is a totally different Golden Corral from the one in the photos proving that they might just be the most despicable company in America right now.

Brandon Huber (the man who posted the video) also added:

This is an average day, not an isolated incident. They never have enough dishwashers because no one wants to get paid minimum wage when it’s only one or two dishwashers for the whole restaurant when there really need to be at least four in order to run things properly. They are understaffed and it’s like this at every local location within 100 miles (I have worked at more than one location), not to mention the dishwasher can quit and go to any other restaurant and earn at least 2-3 more dollars an hour.

Golden CorralGolden CorralGolden CorralGolden Corral


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