These Genetically Mutated Cambodian Beast Pigs Are Insane

Maybe It’s Genetic Mutation, Maybe It’s Maybelliene

Family Guy predicted the future about genetically mutated pigs:


And these pigs from Cambodia look EXACTLY like this with the exception of fists:

Shocking footage has emerged of mutant Hulk-like pigs which are being bred by Cambodian farmers.

The company, called Duroc Cambodia, appear to have modified the animals who were kept in cages and the results have appalled people all over the world.

Videos of the pigs even show that they are unable to walk properly because of their freakishly large muscles.

And like, this is just terrifying:

Animal right group PETA have also condemned the practice, and said: “Hulk-like pigs are the stuff of nightmares, not meals, and those who are genetically engineered are also likely to be born with painful health issues.”