WTF Russia? (26 Pics and Gifs)

WTF Russia – Just Another Normal Day in the Motherland!

A Russian flight very similar to most Southwest flights if you can get past the smell.

Russian hipster walking her pet.

A Meditation Retreat.

A Rose Bouquet for the love of his life!

Redneck Russian engineering.

Bringing home the bacon.

When you don’t have time to take a bath before work.

Russian home exercise.

When babushka goes to buy a shirt but doesn’t know English.

It looks like Mom doesn’t care who sees while giving a sneak peak to her husband.

Just another cake for 1 year olds.

Vodka, vodka and more vodka.

The unexplained…

Russian Army Therapy.

Hold my vodka while I move this statue of Lenin.

His final resting place.

A hot bath is the best way to get warm in the cold Russian winters… even better with vatnik and ushanka!

Pimp my ride Russian style.

The force is strong on this one.

Russian bars never close.

How comrades survive glorious Russian winters!

Russian MacGyver.

The Russia you’ll never see on postcards.

The best sausages in town!

Take me to Moscow Comrade….