Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Press Tour Has Become A Spectacle Of Epic Proportions

Floyd vs. Conor Press Tour Or Roast Battle

Mayweather McGregor press conference

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference took place in London today  as the of fourth and final stops for a press tour that has been nothing short of outrageous.

I have been saying this fight would happen for a while, and even though i whole heartedly believed it would come to fruition I never could have imagined how ridiculous it would become. We all knew this was a money fight, pure and simple. This kind of spectacle needs serious trash talk to sustain the hype, but i don’t know about a 4 city tour. If you watched the first press conference highlights you can pretty much get an idea of what the next three would be like. Floyd talks about how good he is/how much more money he has. Connor talks about how if it was a real fight he would kill Floyd. Floyd responds with showing his checks, Connor responds by saying Floyd can’t read and so on, and so forth.

According to SB Nation London was no different story.

“He played to the London crowd and the strong showing of Irish fans making the trip, using some slang and berating a stoic Mayweather. He yelled some profanities at Mayweather’s crew, who were stuck ringside out of reach, calling them “steroid monkeys” and other sorts of things. McGregor then decided to focus on Mayweather wearing “high heels” in Brooklyn and not wearing a hat today, taking a few shots at his bald head.

He then actually walked around and rubbed Floyd’s head. Things looked a little dicey for a second, but Floyd remained calm and didn’t react at all. It blew over and McGregor was done not long after.

Floyd took the mic and did, by far, his worst work of the tour. He got the same “pay your taxes” chants out of the crowd, and basically just stalled for time. He went back to the same stuff he’s used before, calling McGregor variations of “b-tch” and taking about “owning Ireland”. He was quick to praise Dana White again (“I love Dana White, he’s my buddy!”), and used a comparison of Dana White to a pimp and McGregor being his…well, you get the picture.

While stringing together a bunch of weak insults to fire up the crowd, Mayweather did blurt out that McGregor was a “f-ggot”, which will earn him some scorn.”

I understand that everyone watches these to see if some kind of physcial altercation will come from the incessant bickering. Sorry to break to everyone, but if either Floyd or Connor were to throw a punch they would likely forfeit their purse or be heavily fined. So basically this whole shebang is just WWE of words.

For now lets just hope They actually get to the fighting stuff on August 26th in Las Vegas.