Video: Surfers Build Amazing Floating Dock To Catch Waves Without Paddling

Now This Is A Game Changer


“The Dock” is an exemplary piece of outlandish and strange antics we sometimes chase. It’s not that we want to… we have to. Breaking up the monotony of your daily videos cycling your feed to provide something different. Something we felt the need to do. What is The Dock? A 100-foot floating dock that we put in the middle of a surf break and invited a select crew to try out: Noa Deane, Balaram Stack, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, Yago Dora, and Imai Devault. Sound enticing or ridiculous? Probably both. From the video you can see how sketchy the execution was, but the preparation was just as strenuous.

“The danger involved was also on everyone’s minds as the set up began. “It would just kill you if it hit you, yeah?” said Noa. The wires, the ropes, the waves, the unpredictability of the anchor were all threatening variables. Ozzie recalls, “The Dock’s been scary. At one stage I just came up, got my board, and saw it coming right at me. But I like the chaos of it.” What was once a long and arduous journey has finally come to fruition. And we’re truly passionate about. We hope you enjoy!”

Well this is amazing. The only thing really stopping me from surfing was the whole paddling into waves thing, and it looks like they have found a way to mitigate the need for that.

The guys over at Volcom and a team of surfers and engineers anchored a nearly 100-foot raft/dock at a Bali surf break with pretty astonishing results. The construction allows the floating structure to move with the waves to create a perfect start platform that acts like a skate ramp.

I’m sure a lot of surfers aren’t going to like this, even though i’m totally into the idea i bet this wont become common. I get it, it kind of defeats what surfing is all about, Might as well just go to a wave pool, or a water park if your going to run along a dock in the ocean.