Video: MMA Fighter Shows How Passengers Should Respond To Being Forcibly Removed From United Flights

A How To In Defending Yourself From United ‘Re-Accommodation’

In case you weren’t aware of the situation until now, here’s a brief summary of the incident that left one United passenger bloody and distressed:

“The flight was overbooked, and United needed to find seats for four of its crew members so they could staff later flights taking off from Louisville. The airline offered passengers up to $800 to leave, but when no one volunteered, United selected four passengers at random and ordered them off the flight.

The video shows one of the four, who said he was a doctor and needed to see patients the next morning. He refused to leave the flight, so security guards dragged him down the aisle.”

Here’s the original video, with a disclaimer: WARNING, it’s some pretty disturbing footage:

After the terrible video was scattered all over the web, memes and online jokes naturally followed. It didn’t take long before it reached the combat sports world, as Ryron and Rener Gracie has released one of their self-defense videos to joke about the situation, and promote their online BJJ  classes at the same time.

This is from Gracie Breakdown, a martial arts school, and it’s got a few (joking) examples of how to get out of being dragged by your arms off an airplane and to respond with some force. It’s a shrewd business move for these guys.

Here’s the Gracie Breakdown video of the incident and a how to in defense from ‘accommodation’:

It’s pretty awesome to see all the public outcry against these kinds of terrible events in the form of online content. Hopefully all this heat will teach these industries a lesson in how to treat their customers.