Video Of Fearless Tourists Scale Down Death-Defying Mountainside In China Is NERVEWRACKING AF

Fearless or Flat Out Stupid? You Be The Judge

Does anyone remember the show Fear Factor – you know the series where you prove to everyone you’re fearless by doing things that typically scare you.

Yea it was disgusting.

But there’s one hiking trail in northwestern China that should’ve tested people’s fear of heights for the grand finale cause this shit is unreal.

A video surfaced of a few daredevils who hiked down one of the world’s most dangerous trails, known as Mount Hua or Huashan in northwestern China.

Step by step, they carefully descend from over 7,000 feet VERTICALLY. Like literally straight up and down it’s intense AF.

Nerve-wracking: Climbers carefully climb down the cliff of the famous #Huashan Mountain in Huayin, northwest China's Shaanxi

People's Daily, China 发布于 2017年8月12日

Now I’ve jumped out of a plane in Oahu and gone cage diving with sharks, but this is just downright terrifying. Hiking is not meant for clumsy people, so I’m automatically ruled out.

Following the hike down, tourists are greeted with an even more death-defying plank walk, and this is what it actually looks like:

The 700-year-old plank walk is also one of the deadliest walking trails in the world, where hikers have to walk along about a foot wide wooden panel with a safety belt hooked on a string.

The cliffside walk has a tilted angle close to 90 degrees.

There are no official death tolls recorded but there were reports saying around 100 died from falling out of the path.

I’m p sure there’s like way more, but let’s stay optimistic.