Sporting Goods Employee Buys Shoes For Kid That Comes In Almost Daily To Try Them On

Almost daily, this dude walks into the Champs Sporting Goods store in the Sunvalley mall in Concord, California and tries on the same pair of shoes only to walk out of the store without buying them. But on this day, Twitter user Nando, an employee at the store, decided to make sure he walked out with the same pair on his feet this time. Nando and his co-workers hooked him up by kicking in and buying him the shoes.

Employee Buys Shoes For Kid That Always Comes In to Try Them On

The reaction on Twitter was just what it should be… Props to Nando for a job well done!

And through all of it, Nando remains humble. Just goes to prove once again that not all heroes wear capes.

nando_oliva2 Keep being you bro. The world could use more Nandos!