46 People That Will Make You Glad You’re Not at Coachella

It’s that time of the year again; the sun is out, the air feels chill, and the sky is turning a bootylicious sea punk orange. Coachella is here bbs! The desert music festival is 15 years old, and even though the original line up was stacked with acts as diverse as Radiohead and Wu-Tang Clan, the most recent line-ups have consisted of dad rock bands like Interpol (or in 2015, Steely Dan!) and sad boy hip hop acts like Drake and Lil B.

While the quality of the music has declined, the amount of dum-dums in wayfarers willing to pay an increasingly exorbitant amount of cash to Instagram “Coachella fashion” ie dumb hipsters has sky rocketed, making Indio, California the hipster capital of the world every year for two weekends in April. If you’re missing out, don’t fret, because we’ve put together this list of reasons you should be glad you’re not going to Coachella.

1. This dude dancing by himself.

People That Will Make You Glad You're Not at Coachella

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