Conjoined Twin Sisters Explain What It’s Like to Drive a Car Together

Together Forever

Anyone growing up with a sibling knows that you usually want to do everything together. Until of course you get older and wearing matching outfits all the time is lame.

But imagine you were conjoined at the head with your sibling, like Brittany and Abby Hansel, and doing everything as a pair isn’t a choice – it’s forever.


Sound horrible? They say it’s not so bad.

The Minnesota twins are minor-ly famous for obvious reasons, and even had their own TV show for a while. I’m sure many of you have seen the TLC viewings, where the twins showed us how they navigate through life.

But one hurdle that seemed impossible to overcome was driving. I can’t imagine having a backseat driver as a second head telling me what to do behind the wheel. I barely passed my permit test (after 2 failed attempts), as it is.

“We have two licences and when we got our driver’s licence we each had to take the test and we both passed,” said Brittany, the left twin in an interview with Naked Stories. “When we drive Abby is control of the gas and the brakes and we both steer, and I’m in charge of the blinker.

“I think we’re good drivers!” the 27-year-old twins said in unison.

The pair are totally independent of each other and have learned to intricately coordinate their actions to allow them to live relatively normal lives: they learned to crawl together, then to walk, then to swim and now to drive a car.

They share some internal organs – their reproductive system, parts of their digestive system such as their liver and their large intestine – but both have individual hearts, spines, lungs and stomachs.

This can have some very unusual effects on their physiology, as one can have a stomach ache and the other not, but with the pain occurring in the other twin. Brittany can only feel things on her right-hand side, while Abby only feels on the left.

Despite the shortcomings, this proves there is nothing these girls can’t overcome.